WWOOF enables people to live and volunteer on a variety of organic properties. Volunteers (WWOOFers) help on the land and home for 4-6 hours a day and hosts provide the food and accommodation. If you want to have hands on experience, learn and share organic and sustainable ways of living then WWOOF might be for you.

Our WWOOFing program has been quite a helpful success to date! WWOOFers from across the country have been extremely helpful in their eagerness to learn and participate in our sustainable methodologies at our farm. In turn, we have been blessed with interesting stories about their backgrounds and their hometowns.

We look forward to continuing the success of this program in the years to come!

WWOOFing Accommodations:

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

WWOOFer Unisex Bathroom














Previous WWOOFers:










Edith from Boston, MA

Danielle from Chicago, IL

Max from Milwaukee, WI

Nathan from Chicago, IL

Emily from Janesville, WI


Megan from Milwaukee, WI


















Elizabeth from Detroit, MI & Scott from Los Angeles, CA


Maddie from Hartford, WI

Celia, Dee, and Teddy










Alex and Yinon




















Ali from Maine













Michael from Chicago
















Megan from NY















Jyasi from NY