We choose to let our pigs be.…pigs

We choose to let our pigs be.…pigs. They like to root up soil with their noses looking for grubs and roots.  They like to wallow in a nice mud bath.  They even like to race around on cool summer evenings.  All of these activities are what pigs like to do and helps to keep them content.  Most commercially raised pigs are raised in confinement and are not allowed to act like a “pig”.  Our pigs live a healthier life, which makes their meat healthier for us. See our pigs on pasture vs the attached picture of them in confinement. Which pig do you think is happier, healthier? They work well with our system of rotational grazing.

Tilling Machines

Pig-pic-01-01  VS  P1-01

The pigs are doing great, pasture not so much. Nothing new to those who raise pigs without rings in their nose, pigs like to root and dig. However, when we get them in June or July, we’re in a drier time of year, and it takes them longer to break all the sod. We’ve had an unusually wet spring, so they’ve had a blast rototilling it all up! Not bad really, as this gives us a chance to plant a nice pasture mix when they’re done.

Spring Pigs

We’re trying something new, a spring batch of pigs. Our farmer had pigs that needed a home, and we’ve had so many requests that our summer batch has gotten rather large. So we thought we’d try two batches, so far so good.