Telderer's Rainbows End Farm

Know your farmer

Know your farmer, get your meat and eggs from organically-fed and pastured birds that are able to forage, and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Not only is it a better life for the birds, but superior nutritionally for you as well. Pastured animals have a higher ratio of Omega-3 fats, higher levels of beta carotene and vitamins A & E as well as less cholesterol and saturated fats. The taste is superior as well!

2 thoughts on “Know your farmer

  1. I purchased a turkey for Thanksgiving and it was extremely flavorful. I had multiple compliments from all of my guests. All 12 ate heartily. I am definitely getting another one for 2019 Thanksgiving.

    It is nice to know the source of the food you get and the high quality of their products.

  2. I made a broth of their chicken breasts. I used the broth for a homemade risotto for a 7 course holiday meal for 6 guests from out of state. I normally use store bought broth and have never had any complaints.

    However, somehow the chicken broth from the breasts I had purchased from this place, super enhanced the flavors of the risotto and while the guests did the usual – leave room for the next course play. The risotto was completely wiped out!

    I also used the broth for a base of a wonton soup. It was always good, but this time it was incredible.

    I am never going back to store purchased broth.

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