Wool/ Alpaca, Socks brown 9-11

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  1. I was given a pair of these as trade for Website updates I completed. Although Jeanne kept telling me I would be happy, I was skeptical as with wool socks my feet tend to sweat profusely, a feeling I despise, like you would not believe.

    Fast forward to having to participate in a Christmas Parade and tried them. That day the wind was a little tough to take, but – no kidding – my feet were quite warm and cozy and NO SWEATING!!! I was absolutely shocked and blissfully happy as I handed out Candy along the parade route to the kiddos. My hands, legs and torso were chilled, but my feet were cozy. Because I’ve rarely worn thick socks, it was a little unsual to get used to the thickness initially, but that quickly went away.

    Also, this past weekend I went onto the frozen lake, late at night, just sliding back and forth in the dark, wearing the socks and just sneakers. Amazing is all I will say about them. I’ve since learned, after shopping at Macy’s there is a huge difference in their ‘wool’ socks and these. That label just stated 100% Pure Wool, but looked fancy and the price tag was eye opening and looked like a pair I had purchased previously from there…..the same socks that made my feet sweat like crazy.

    This was just my personal experiences and yes, I am extremely finicky with my apparel. You will NOT be disappointed with these socks! Truth!

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