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Handspun and Hand Dyed Wool Art Yarn – Aqua Frolic

Handspun and Hand Dyed Wool Art Yarn – Aqua Frolic


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Fun variation in spin from tight & twisty to loose & fluffy. Mix of shades of aqua & teal with a sprinkling of sparkles throughout. Blend of wool, silk, mohair, cotton & Angeline

96 yards | 3.8 oz

Create a woolen masterpiece with our hand dyed and handspun Icelandic art yarn!

Icelandic sheep produce a premium fleece. The fleece is dual coated, with a fine, soft undercoat called thel, and a longer, coarser outer coat called tog. Unlike most sheep’s wool, Icelandic sheep produce less lanolin than most breeds. So when washed, the wool’s weight loss is significantly lower than most sheep breeds. Their wool is extremely versatile and has a wide variety of colors. Our wool is valued by hand spinners and has won several awards in the fleece judging competition at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival.

Our Icelandic sheep enjoy grazing in fresh green pastures and browsing in trees. They are organically-fed and raised using sustainable practices. Check out our website to see the lambs frolicking and racing!

  • Weight
    6 lbs
  • Dimensions
    12 × 3 × 3 in


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