Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic Sheep

Our Icelandic Difference

We love our Icelandics! Icelandic sheep are a hardy breed. They do well rotational grazing in our pastures and don’t require any grain, which produces healthier pasture-raised meat. The flavor of their meat has been described as gourmet, more tender and mild than commercial breeds. Many of our customers tell us it’s the best lamb that they’ve ever eaten.  

Icelandic sheep are also considered a dairy breed, but we don’t utilize their milk. They are good mothers and usually have twins. Their milk production is so good that lambs reach market weight in just 6 months on their mother’s milk.

In addition to delicious meat and milk, Icelandic sheep have premium fleeces. Their wool is dual coated. Thel is the fine, soft undercoat that provides warmth and tog is the longer, coarser outer coat which is water-resistant and provides shelter from harsh weather conditions. Icelandic sheep produce less lanolin than most breeds. For the raw fleece customer, this means the wool loses significantly less weight when washed compared to other sheep breeds. Their wool is extremely versatile and has a wide variety of natural colors.

The wool from our flock is highly valued by hand spinners and has won several awards in the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival’s fleece judging competition. If you are interested in purchasing one of our award winning fleeces, click the link below to put a deposit down on your favorite fleece.

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