Why Organically-Fed, Pastured Pork?

Pigs enjoy grazing, digging for roots and grubs, wallowing in mud, and racing around in the cool evenings. We let our pigs do just that! Not only do pastured pigs enjoy their lives but they also provide you with leaner meat. 

The benefits of pastured pork are numerous. The dominant fat in pork is monounsaturated fat – the same fat found in avocados and olive oil that gives these foods a “heart healthy” designation. Green grass is a major source of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fats which makes pasture raised pork higher in Omega-3s than pigs raised in confinement. Our pork is also richer in essential minerals and micronutrients, such as fat-soluble vitamins E and D. Our pigs’ diet is supplemented with organic, non-GMO feed and fresh, seasonal produce from the garden. They are healthy, unlike commercially raised pigs, so there is no need for antibiotics.

When you purchase pastured pork from us you can have it processed without nitrates or MSG. Our processor also offers gluten-free seasonings for your sausage and smokes with actual hardwood instead of artificial smoke flavoring. Make sure to place your order early in the season as we raise a limited number of pigs!