Telderer's Rainbows End Farm

Veggie Trails

We have chosen to follow *organic principles in stewardship of our land and animals.  We have not become certified as it is cost prohibitive.  We would prefer to spend our money on certified organic feed instead.  This assures us that our animals are not being fed * GMO’s (genetically modified organisms/grains).   Why would we want to avoid that, isn’t it just sped up hybrids that would eventually occur naturally? Far from it, these are combinations that can only occur in a lab as it consists of splicing genes from different species.   Whether or not you feel that GMO’s pose a health risk; one of the main reasons for their development was to allow farmers to spray their crops for weeds.  So Weed killer, which will kill anything your spray it on, will not kill the crops it’s repeatedly sprayed on.  Instead it gets absorbed by the plant and later eaten by animals or you and your family.  Because it is even in our groundwater, some organically raised crops have been found to contain residue.  So we choose to pay for and feed certified organic feed and invite you out to our farm to see how your produce/animals are grown.

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