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Why Icelandic Wool Socks are the Best!

Icelandic wool socks are back in stock!

Every year after shearing, we send off some of the wool from our Icelandic lambs to get processed with alpaca fiber into socks. When the socks come back to us, they always sell out!

So hop on over to our Online Store to grab a pair or two for yourself!

But if you’d first like to know why these Icelandic wool socks are loved so much, this is the blog post for you.

Occasions when you should wear Icelandic wool socks 

You often hear hikers recommending wool socks for long treks, and this is true for Icelandic wool as well!Naturally colored Icelandic wool socks

Icelandic socks are perfect for hiking! ​​One of our customers wore Icelandic socks on their trip to Machu Picchu. While everyone’s feet were too hot on the hike during the day and too cold during the frigid mountain nights, this customer’s feet were comfortable for the whole trip!

Similarly, wool socks are great for skiing, running, hunting, and other outdoor activities where your feet need to be warm, dry, and comfortable. We love them for farm chores.

Even if you are just indoors being cozy around the house, Icelandic socks are ideal!

Another customer left this review:

“I just love the Icelandic sheep/alpaca socks that I purchased last fall. They kept my cold feet warm in bed all winter. I have a problem with cold feet and never have been able to find socks that helped. These were just wonderful and so toasty. I would highly recommend them to any cold feet friends. Also, they may be helpful to the elderly and people in nursing homes. Thank you so much—now I just need some Icelandic/alpaca wool mittens for next winter!”

Characteristics of our Icelandic wool socks 

Sustainable Raised and Environmentally Friendly 

Our socks are 35% wool from our Icelandic lambs and 35% alpaca fiber with up to an additional 30% nylon and lycra for elasticity.

Our sheep graze on grasses and browse on the lower branches of trees. We practice rotational grazing so they don’t overeat any part of the land. Not only do they have no impact on the native environment, but they also benefit the area by dropping fertilizer to feed the plants and microorganisms in the soil.

They produce beautiful wool, which is an environmentally-friendly fiber to wear because it won’t release any micro-plastics into our waterways.

Naturally Colored

One of the neat characteristics of Icelandic sheep are their many colors and patterns. Because of this, the colors that result from mixing their wool are naturally beautiful and don’t need any dye.

Good in Every Season

Obviously, wool is warm which makes it nice in winter. The socks are warm, comfortable, and cozy even in the coldest months of the year.

But Icelandic wool also has a cooling effect. Icelandic wool wicks perspiration away from the body. As the moisture is pulled out, it evaporates which releases heat and leaves cool air between your skin and the wool.

Whether you wear the socks in summer or your feet start to sweat on a winter hike, you will experience this cooling effect that will keep you comfortable!

One of our customers told us about their experience:

“Although [you] kept telling me I would be happy, I was skeptical about wool socks as my feet tend to sweat profusely, a feeling I despise, like you would not believe. Fast forward to having to participate in a Christmas Parade and I tried them. That day the wind was a little tough to take, but – no kidding – my feet were quite warm and cozy and NO SWEATING!!! I was absolutely shocked and blissfully happy as I handed out candy along the parade route to the kiddos. My hands, legs and torso were chilled, but my feet were cozy. Because I’ve rarely worn thick socks, it was a little unusual to get used to the thickness initially, but that quickly went away.

Also, this past weekend I went onto the frozen lake, late at night, just sliding back and forth in the dark, wearing the socks and just sneakers. Amazing is all I will say about them. I’ve since learned, after shopping at Macy’s there is a huge difference in their ‘wool’ socks and these. That label just stated 100% Pure Wool, but looked fancy and the price tag was eye opening and looked like a pair I had purchased previously from there…..the same socks that made my feet sweat like crazy.

This was just my personal experiences and yes, I am extremely finicky with my apparel. You will NOT be disappointed with these socks! Truth!”

Low Maintenance and Durable

Wool is a durable fiber that you can expect to enjoy for years. Not only that, but it is also low maintenance. Since it is water-resistant and wicks away moisture, it repels liquids that would threaten to leave a stain. This is also true with odors!

Although it is odor and stain resistant, when it does come time to wash your socks, they are very low maintenance. All you need to do is machine wash on warm and air dry.

To learn more about Icelandic wool, head over to this blog post where we explore why it is so special and loved by spinners and wearers alike.

Grab your own pair of Icelandic wool socks! 

Whether you enjoy hiking, winter sports, or just staying cozy indoors, Icelandic wool socks are the perfect accessory for your feet!

Are we saying these are the best wool socks? Well, yes actually!

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